Flexibility and mobility in the learning process

Flexibility and mobility in the learning process

I think that this topic about flexible and mobile learning needs to be much more highlighted in education environments. More and more courses are now distance-based, to offer a opportunity for the students to study, work and being a social person at the same time, and the most important, to study what time of the day/night you prefer or are able to, that sounds flexible. This is also in the same trend as the society, which is in a constant state of change and we have to follow it. But how do we do? That’s a good question. From my point of view as a teacher in higher education, I´m responsible for two distance-based course for nurses who study to become specialist in the elderly care, these courses are 10 weeks courses, with 2 days at campus and the rest of the studies are in the learning Management System called Ping pong, which provides a variety of different tools to use, but I see, that the teacher don´t use them or probably they don´t know about them. Our library or IKT-educator offers a lot of different small courses or activities to take part of for the teacher, but many don´t take these opportunities, WHY, it´s sad, we want to retain our students, of course, but how can we do that, when we don’t give the right “equipment” for that? As a student, you need to get the studies going, along we the family life, work and recreation, and sometimes economic problems, it´s very important that the students already from the beginning can see the advantages and what is means already at the beginning of the course, so we can reduce the workload the see or feel, and sadly will drop off……………. And also as a teacher, have a look at the course you are responsible for, how can the learning activities become more flexible and mobile, are the study environment mobile and flexible, can we make it more interactive for the students? In e-learning in higher education the student is recognized as a co-producer in her och his learning process, in which individualizing, flexibility and openness, seems indicated as important issues in this context, and there need to transparency, including structure, materials and resources. In other words, a learning based on flexibility, accessibility, interactivity and individuality, have a look at http://eadtu.eu/ and now, all of us can start our new, more mobile and flexible education strategy.

”Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.”

John Cleese








Time for collaboration

I´ve been thinking how this concept – collaborative learning – has different meaning for us, and in different situations, concept and in other cultures, how wide is this concept? And what does it mean to me. Earlier, during my time as a student at the university, I haven´t thought so much about working collaborative, maybe I don´t like it, cause I more like to work individually, and there always are those who works and those who don´t work when it comes to collaborative working or group work. So, what´s the meaning of working in groups? Others will get approved without doing anything, just passive participation and not take part in the group as an active member, just for the credits for the actual course, for getting ready with the whole education. BUT the more I read about teamwork, collaborative work, working in couples I begin to see the effort and the result is often more of 1 +1=3 and this is what we want to achieve of course.

I see collaborative learning, as a process, where you can have a goal, to achieve, but how to reach the goal is not pointed out, which can be confusing for some people to work without guidelines or instruction and for some people they get interested and real motivated by this kind of working or collaborating, a good opportunity to use their own creativity and fantasy. According the recommended articles we are supposed to read, as Wenger, 2010;  Brindley et al., 2009; I think it appears that the environment is of great importance to get and when it comes to the benefits with collaborative learning, I found this little list of that, have a look and you will see how much advantages  there are with this kind of learning http://www.gdrc.org/kmgmt/c-learn/44.html.

I have really learnt a lot with this topic and a new way of thinking, about the students and about creating learning activities, and that´s nice…..




Digitalizing me…

This digital journey has started and it feels like climbing the mountain, with different kind of obstacles you have to pass or go through. The digital world seems gigantic and difficult where to start or how, like a never ending story. But, I think it´s important that you define what are you going to do, what opportunities there are and then pick one tool, which are similar and seems to fit me or my subject and intention for that. Maybe you can compare it with a phobia; the only way to handle this is to get in to it. My own learning is that I´ve become more open to this digitalicy, and if there are so many different kind of tools and things, so why don´t use them, but first think in what purpose, cause it will then be easier to see the opportunity it gives to me or what this is offering me, read about others, see videos on YouTube and take the chance to become a more digital person with a digital smile


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Topic 1

I must say, I have during the last days had a strange feeling, and thoughts ; “Why was this ONL-course so hard for me to understand last time, why didn´t I managed it last time? What was the main problem och maybe problems??? This time or now it feels, like you only have to follow the instructions and the schedule, and the learning activities and DO IT – no problem from my point of view – this time. …………. Be visible, and try, try, try, try and one more time try, help from other participants and members  and be there and see all the others and connect with them and start to network – it isn´t som hard. One thing that hit me was reading this headline ……………….and I can even apply the FISH-model to it and also see myself, what obstacles are now behind me instead of infront of me. But it also feels like a different kind of PBL-group this time – all on the same level – and no HURRY this time, which I felt last time attending this course, because it didn´t allow me to find, search, think and start working, though the group already had done the whole presentation and I felt like I always was after with the work, in the group, not attending in real, only on the paper with my name, always a feeling of being alone, struggling, and not a part of the group. But this time, it´s real different, I have time to read, listen, see search and to get contact with so many people, sharing the same feeling and working towards the same goal – I LIKE it, so using the FISH-model to understand myself, and what I have gone through is to make the picture more visible and obvious, both for me and for the others, and also for me as a teacher, when students ask questions, or do not understand things, I will remember using and thinking the FISH-model and apply it, like the scenario we have had for this Topic this week, helps me think, work and understand in a more “proper” way about how things can be experienced.

I also attended in the tweet chat – that was great and I don´t know how to describe it, but after the tweet chat I had a strong feeling about satisfaction and I don´t know why but it was real warming me and pleasing me.

I also must say, I like the PBL group and our working together, so jump in to the boat with all of us and have a real nice time together, it’s like “ honeymoon”. //Veronica