Topic 1

I must say, I have during the last days had a strange feeling, and thoughts ; “Why was this ONL-course so hard for me to understand last time, why didn´t I managed it last time? What was the main problem och maybe problems??? This time or now it feels, like you only have to follow the instructions and the schedule, and the learning activities and DO IT – no problem from my point of view – this time. …………. Be visible, and try, try, try, try and one more time try, help from other participants and members  and be there and see all the others and connect with them and start to network – it isn´t som hard. One thing that hit me was reading this headline ……………….and I can even apply the FISH-model to it and also see myself, what obstacles are now behind me instead of infront of me. But it also feels like a different kind of PBL-group this time – all on the same level – and no HURRY this time, which I felt last time attending this course, because it didn´t allow me to find, search, think and start working, though the group already had done the whole presentation and I felt like I always was after with the work, in the group, not attending in real, only on the paper with my name, always a feeling of being alone, struggling, and not a part of the group. But this time, it´s real different, I have time to read, listen, see search and to get contact with so many people, sharing the same feeling and working towards the same goal – I LIKE it, so using the FISH-model to understand myself, and what I have gone through is to make the picture more visible and obvious, both for me and for the others, and also for me as a teacher, when students ask questions, or do not understand things, I will remember using and thinking the FISH-model and apply it, like the scenario we have had for this Topic this week, helps me think, work and understand in a more “proper” way about how things can be experienced.

I also attended in the tweet chat – that was great and I don´t know how to describe it, but after the tweet chat I had a strong feeling about satisfaction and I don´t know why but it was real warming me and pleasing me.

I also must say, I like the PBL group and our working together, so jump in to the boat with all of us and have a real nice time together, it’s like “ honeymoon”. //Veronica


One thought on “Topic 1

  1. Dear Veronica,
    I just would like to quickly comment that it is such a pleasure to read this blog post!
    First of all of course I am very happy to read that you enjoy the learning, and second I am impressed how you manage to capture your thoughts in writing to describe it in a way that I feel I get a very rich picture of your experience…
    Nice you liked the tweet chat – there are so many things you can learn and find out about by being active on twitter I think!
    kind regards Maria


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