Digitalizing me…

This digital journey has started and it feels like climbing the mountain, with different kind of obstacles you have to pass or go through. The digital world seems gigantic and difficult where to start or how, like a never ending story. But, I think it´s important that you define what are you going to do, what opportunities there are and then pick one tool, which are similar and seems to fit me or my subject and intention for that. Maybe you can compare it with a phobia; the only way to handle this is to get in to it. My own learning is that I´ve become more open to this digitalicy, and if there are so many different kind of tools and things, so why don´t use them, but first think in what purpose, cause it will then be easier to see the opportunity it gives to me or what this is offering me, read about others, see videos on YouTube and take the chance to become a more digital person with a digital smile


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5 thoughts on “Digitalizing me…

  1. Really like how you describe your journey and how you´ve taken this chance to become a more “digital person”. And I like your digital smile 🙂 Digital smile back to you!


    1. Hi Fabio, real nice to read your refelctions and I think it´s like an eyeopener and we (from teacher perspective) can see how to develop the course from many views, that engage both teachers and students, and see it in a more collaborative way, thansk for reading your blog

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  2. Thanks for your post! I agree with you. The digital space is in a way endless. And you can find a lot of surprises wherever you click. If you don’t have the time to browse at your leisure it’s probably best to have a goal with what you’re doing. Otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time on what might seem like nothing. In a physical space you go to the post office when you need stamps, and you go to the flower shop when you need flowers. Sometimes you might enjoy just walking around and experiencing the space, but mostly you do have a clear goal with what you do and where you are going. Same goes for teachers, and again I agree with you. If you don’t know what it is you want to do or what your students should do then it’ll most likely be a very chaotic experience to use digital tools. 🙂


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