Open access, to whom to what and…………… Topic 5

Open Wires

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This topic I experienced that our PBL group has a lot of own experience to share with the rest of the group and that´s real interesting to take part of and to have a more “direct” use in. But I also yhink, as the scenario tells us, many people are afraid of use and share and publish, and get a feeling of loneliness with this, while they give up. That´s a sad situation. Cause using these sources of OER has so many potentials, benefits like saving money, a shared possibility to develop new and productive ideas, get a lots of help from each other, teamwork and collaborating, you have to communicate in any kind of way, I think it’s a good way to get a picture of how creative the learners are and how much the collaborate and help each other, the “classroom is bigger and wider. Yes, as you can see, there are a real chance you can´t lose. My eyes has become more open and wider, and also more curios than afraid, and that´s particularly because of our PBL work , amazing, how people with different backgrounds and experiences can get som much from each other – use it and don´t lose it.

I also have been wondering the last weeks about how this is going to look like for about 50 years, how will this have developed? Some of these future-questions were discussed European Commission at a workshop

One of the main questions were how the future will look like and a document for some guidelines, which were intended to contextualize and clarify the rules on open access covering beneficiaries in projects funded or co-funded under Horizon 2020

For me, as a beginner I think this document is a great way of starting and trying to use this, both for myself and also from a student perspective, don´t you agree with me. I feel now, more comfortable in what this is, and how I could use them and use I have the courage to try them, use them and recommend them, and I think this is future, and what we will see more of and what will this ONL course look like in a future perspective?




5 thoughts on “Open access, to whom to what and…………… Topic 5

  1. Hi Veronica! Thank you for sharing. I found the links very interesting (was not aware of this initiative of the Commission). In the future, in my opinion, we will all share, there is no other way 🙂 This topic encouraged me to share my teaching materials, but I have doubts that it is possible to do according to the University policy…

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  2. Thank you for sharing! For me this topic and information about open access has been an eye opener and thanks to your links I learned even more. I also agree with you, using sources of OER has many potentials and people should be more informed about it.


  3. Hi Veronica! After reading your blog post I´m thinking even more about HOW to do this – how to realize it? Where do I find OER for my topics? The Internet is endless. Where do I put my resources? …and…are they good enough? This will be a challenge to overcome for me. Just like all the other already have embraced you for sharing the document I would like to do too 🙂 Thank you!

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