The course has come to an end…………….or?

Why should I take this course again? I started this course this autumn 2015, and really crashed in this course, so I decided to drop out, but my conscious said something else, But from the start I always had a feeling of being after, all, all the time, and the PBL group were so different, from this I have participated in now, I felt there was one person how did the talking all all all the time and gave no space for others, like me, to give my opinion or ask questions and as soon we started to talk about a new topic, this person already had plans for how to do this presentation and what tools we were going to use, and I haven´t started to think about the topic or read anything, so this was my feeling during all the weeks a participated in the course, which also led to my drop out. Maria was asking me if I wanted to take this course in this spring, due to my drop off, and I answered YES, but really I didn´t want to do it, to get this feeling again of don´t know what to do, don´t know what to say and feel that I have nothing in common, nothing to share and feel like a dummy, who can not contribute to this PBL group anyhow or have any new ideas or sensational to come with.

But to my great surprise, though I was doubtful, the beginning of the course was great when we just tried to get to know each other and get familiar with the home page, replayed and made comments, then we were divided into PBL groups where the main work was going to be done. We held our first meeting and it felt nice to get to know each other and started to plan how we were going to work in this group, topic one started and I was still on the main road and had control over the situation, still, I felt I was active, we had many experiences and knowledge to share and in the group, everyone was “allowed to talk” and nothing was wrong = a feeling of being accepted in the group, and that’s an nice and important feeling, not being afraid to say or give our opinion or ask questions – WOW – and we have also so much fun, that’s also an important component , having fun and laugh, sometimes telling jokes, and this time for me in this course has been like sunshine, every week, I have participated in many ways and I have gotten so much out of this course, not only the tools, it´s the whole concept of taking responsibility and being the leader for some topics, taking notes many times, made my contribution and tried to see things in different and flexible ways, I feel like I´m a social person cause I can handle some of the tools that are in the social world, and also try to see what can be useful for me, as a teacher, when I´m planning a course, learning activities, flexible to participate so the students want drop off a course, way of how to get to students motivated, how to get students engaged and also learn them how to learn and explore new things that can contribute them in their daily work. I feel so much secure to use this tools and I also not afraid of using them cause I know how to do it and where to find them, and hopefully can share this with my students, in the same way as we have done in this course, and have so much fun……… and learn how to communicate in different or flexible ways, get everyone involved, activated, happiness, and that the course and the activities gives something to me that I can take with me, both individually and in the group, cause developing occurs both individually and in relation to others and these components are independent. I mean developing personally and in a private way, the course have had an synergetic effect on me, my own developing, at work and also when I meet friends or talk with them, I see new ways, and say, “shall we try this new way, I don´t know what it is, but let’s have a look and see what it goes for”……………. I think that this course is like life, it´s a roller coaster and I think that’s a part of the developing for a person, cause otherwise there is now developing.

…. and the weeks has passed away and now we are at the end of this course, what are we going to do now? I will be missing our night Adobe connect meeting, our discussions, and reading others blog posts, answer comments and so on. ….. don´t worry Veronica, that’s what you are planning to do with your students now, create a e-learning world for them to and discover so much more then only the learning activities to be done


Thank you Maria, for asking me to take part in this course again, and also send me a reminder…………….

Busch Gardens Tampa 156

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Busch Gardens Tampa 156[/url] by [url=]Jeremy Thompson[/url], on Flickr



4 thoughts on “The course has come to an end…………….or?

  1. Thank you for your strong and personal reflections. I believe several of us have had strong experiences in participating in the course and feeling helpless and confused in the beginning. I think it was great of Maria to support you in making another effort going through the course. I also have the experience that the course staff and facilitators have done job in being very supportive and accessible. Good luck in using your acquired knowledge. Bo PBLgroup 5.


  2. Veronica, you summed it all up in one word – sunshine!
    Isn’t that just it? The fun an excitement of meeting a great PBL group (mine was group 8) and the joy of learning for our own development as well as for new ideas for our teaching. Now, if we can transmit that sense of ‘sunshine’ to our students won’t we be doing well?
    Best of luck with it!


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